Research Poster Resources

Poster Design

Please use the Erk Research Group poster template (24 in x 36 in, portrait, PowerPoint file): file

  • Start early! Your first time making a research poster can be challenging. And it is recommended that you get it printed at least 2 business days before the event.
  • Typical sections of the poster: header (with title, names, and affiliations), introduction/background/hypothesis, experimental methods, results, summary/conclusions, important references, funding acknowledgement (at the very bottom).
  • Make your poster in Powerpoint, using the Erk Group template
  • Use similar text styles and fonts to the example in the template
  • Can changes columns, heading, etc in template as needed to fit your results
  • The poster size is 24 inches wide by 36 inches tall (portrait), please don't change this in ppt.
  • The more cartoons and schematics, the better! These take time to make in ppt, but the pay-off is really nice (everyone appreciates a well-made figure)
  • Example of recent posters: Caicedo - Roll-to-roll, Thornell - gel fracture
  • Additional information on Purdue's undergrad research website (link)

Printing Information (updated 3/1/16)

Posters can be printed for free at the Burton Morgan Center in Discovery Park (link to instructions).