Group Members

Dr. Kendra A. Erk (cv)

- B.S. Materials Science and Engineering with Highest Distinction, Purdue University, 2006
- Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University, 2010

Phone: (765) 494-4118
Email: erk @ purdue . edu

Prof. Erk, Jason, Travis, Eduard, Stacey, Jerome, Matt, and Anna (10/2015).

Prof. Erk, Jason, Travis, Eduard, Stacey, Jerome, Matt, and Anna (10/2015).

Current Graduate Students

  • Jason Bice (MS) - rheometry and ultrasonic velocimetry of opaque materials
  • Eduard Caicedo-Casso (PhD) - nanomanufacturing of polymer membranes
  • Stacey Kelly (MS) - suspension polymerization of superabsorbent polymers
  • Matthew Krafcik (PhD) - design of internal curing agents in cement
  • Jerome Nash (PhD) - interfacial rheology of oil/water interfaces with surfactant
  • Travis Thornell (PhD) - rheometry and RAFT polymerization of composite hydrogels
  • Anna Walter (PhD) - rheology of surfactant-stabilized oil-water systems

Current Undergraduate Students

  • Cole Davis (MSE, 2016-present) - SAP hydrogel size characterization
  • Nicholas Macke (MSE, 2016-present) - Effects of multivalent ions on SAP hydrogels
  • Matthew Parsons (MSE, 2015-present) - SAP hydrogel swelling in ionic solutions (overview)

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Former Graduate Students

  • Lisa Murray (PhD, August 2015; now at Anton Paar USA) - Rheology of suspensions and pastes for processing applications
  • Qian Zhu (MS, May 2014; now at General Cable) - Effect of multivalent ions on the swelling and mechanical behavior of superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) for mitigation of mortar autogenous shrinkage
  • Abhishek Bawiskar (MS, May 2014; now at Sanveo, Inc.) - Shear rheological characterization of gel healing response and construction of rheo-PIV system

Former Undergraduate Students

  • Ziyu Cai (MSE, 2015-2016) - rheometry of polymer-salt solutions (overview)
  • Austin Beggs (MSE, 2015-2016) - size and swelling rates of SAP hydrogels (overview)
  • Hannah Woods (MSE, 2015-2016) - processing-structure-property relationships of plastics
  • Krithika Subramaniam (ChemE, 2014-2016, now at 3M) - oscillation rheology of polymer gels and solutions
  • Natalie Burgos (MSE, 2015) - mechanics of hydrogels tested in compression (overview)
  • Yuhui An (MSE, Spring 2015) - viscosity of oil-water interfaces
  • Jenni Fifer (MSE, Spring 2015) - rate and temp dependent tensile properties of different plastic materials
  • Emily Soltys (MSE, 2014-2015, now at 3M) - rheology of MgO suspensions with excess PEO (overview)
  • Morgan Rhein (MSE, 2014-2015, now at Orbital ATK) - mechanical testing of oriented polymer films (overview)
  • Ben Helfrecht (MSE, 2014, now a grad student at Purdue) - rheology of thermoreversible chocolate and fracture of hydrogels
  • Sophie Ydstie (MSE, 2013-2014, now at ArcelorMittal) - mechanical testing of oriented polymer films
  • Andrea Love (MSE, 2014, now at FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) - preparation and properties of Carbopol microgels
  • Chris Barney (MSE, 2013-2014, now a grad student at UMass Amherst) - polymers in cementitious materials
  • Scott Mullen (Physics/Math/CS, 2013) - PIV analysis of shear rheometry data
  • Brooke Elliott (ChemE, 2012-2013; now at Proctor & Gamble) - rheology of alginate rafts
  • Kathleen Steckbeck (BME, 2012-2013) - formation and characterization of alginate rafts
  • Anthony Hill (MSE, 2012-2013, now at Honeywell Aerospace) and Ananth Raman (MSE, 2012-2013, now at Novelis) - design of polymeric materials for shoe tread
  • John Epling (MSE, 2012-2013) - molecular motions of polymers
  • Justin Cochran (MSE, 2012-2013; now at Steel Dynamics) - friction and mechanics of soft material thin films
  • MaryBeth Pavlick (MSE, 2012-2013; now at Owens Corning) - compression testing of soft materials
  • Nelyan Lopez-Perez (Physics, Univ. of Puerto Rico, 2012; now a grad student at Purdue) - microstructure mapping of polymer thin films, LSAMP Scholar
  • Rachel Stone (MSE, 2012; now at Ball Aerospace) - rheology of oil/water interfaces with ionic surfactant
  • Jessica Fox (MSE, 2012; now at ArcelorMittal) - compression testing of soft materials