Qian Zhu

Ms. Qian Zhu

Qian Zhu 2013.JPG

MS Program
School of Materials Engineering
Purdue University

Project: characterization of soft polymeric materials in compression

I earned my bachelor degree from Donghua University, China as a Shanghai Outstanding Graduate.  During my undergraduate study, I got National Scholarship twice and Donghua University Scholarship three years in a row.  I worked as a research assistant of the State 863 Project (China) on Resin-based Restorative Dental Materials for one year and received some refreshing results.  This research experience solidified my interest in materials science and spurred me to pursue a higher degree.  Now I am working with soft materials.  Besides devoting myself to research, I took active part in volunteer program. Working as a full time 2010 Shanghai Expo volunteer was one of the most memorable experiences. I am always optimistic towards life and enjoy cooking.

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