Jerome Nash

Mr. Jerome Nash


Ph.D. Program
School of Materials Engineering
Purdue University

BS Materials Engineering, Purdue University

Current Project (2015-): Controlled Fabrication and Rheological Characterization of Multi-Component Fluid/Fluid Interfaces for Enhanced Emulsion Stability

Previous Project (2013-2014): Interfacial rheological study of lecithin-stabilized oil/water interfaces for carvacrol encapsulation in nanoemulsions (in collaboration with Prof. Fernanda San Martin-Gonzalez in Purdue Food Science link)


Bio: Jerome is originally from Indianapolis, IN and received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Purdue University in 2015. His research interests include investigations on the self-assembly and mechanical properties of multi-component fluid/fluid interfaces found in emulsions and foams. Jerome’s work seeks to provide novel insight on the mechanics of fluid/fluid interfaces laden with surface active solutes (such as surfactants, proteins, and nanoparticles) and their vital role in the kinetic stability of immiscible fluid mixtures commonly used in the delivery of active compounds. To this aim, Jerome’s research incorporates several complementary characterization techniques including pendant drop tensiometry, dilatational interfacial rheology, dynamic light scattering, and optical imaging.

In his free time, Jerome enjoys reading literary nonfiction, exercise, and engaging in academic outreach events geared toward historically underrepresented high school and undergraduate students.

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