Abhishek Bawiskar

Mr. Abhishek Bawiskar

AB pic.jpg

M.S. Program
School of Materials Engineering
Purdue University

Project: characterization of polymer gel fracture and healing in a shear rheometer

My liking for independent research was kindled during my undergraduate years when I was fortunate to receive the KVPY fellowship, a prestigious national fellowship in India. After graduating from the College of Engineering, Pune, I completed my Master’s in Civil Engineering (Structures) from Purdue University. During these years, I also developed an interest in Materials Science. After a research internship at NTU, Singapore, I was almost certain I would work with polymers and so I joined Dr. Erk’s group here at Purdue.

Apart from research, I enjoy photography, astronomy, mountaineering and rock climbing. Some of my happiest moments have been summiting a 20,000 ft peak in the Himalayas and my first 14er in Colorado. I also like reading and have a passion for writing.

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