Christopher Barney

Mr. Christopher Barney

Materials Engineering, Purdue
Class of 2015


Born and raised in Northwest Indiana, Christopher began showing an interest in math and science at an early age.  Throughout his academic career, further studies in mathematics and applied chemistry has served to develop this interest into a passion.  Combining the aforementioned areas of interest with a desire to understand the world around us led Christopher to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Purdue University where he is expected to graduate in May 2015.  After obtaining said degree, Christopher hopes to further his education by obtaining his master’s degree and then entering industry.

Junior Christopher Barney Places 3rd at 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Purdue University’s honors college hosted the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium on Tuesday April 8.  At this event, undergraduates prepared and presented research posters based on projects performed within the last year.  Viewing was open to the public and posters were judged by a mixture of volunteer faculty and graduate students.  Awards for posters were divided by college.  Materials Engineering Junior Christopher Barney claimed third in the College of Engineering.              

Barney presented a poster entitled “Characterization of Dynamic Behavior in Cementitious Systems Through the Employment of a Soft Materials Framework.”  The poster presented research investigating the effect of limestone filler on the rheology of cement paste, mechanical behavior of Al3+ crosslinked superabsorbent hydrogels, and confinement effects with phase change materials.  Barney’s work on hydrogels contributed to a paper written with Zhu and Erk that was recently accepted by Materials & Structures.  Barney performed this research under the guidance of Professor Kendra Erk and her graduate students Qian Zhu and Matt Krafcik.  Research was performed through participation in Purdue’s SURF 2013 program and two semesters of MSE 499, an independent research study offered through the Purdue’s School of Materials Engineering.


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